NC Colorectal Cancer Roundtable

The North Carolina Colorectal Cancer Roundtable (NC CRCRT) is a statewide coalition of public, private, voluntary organizations, and invited individuals dedicated to reducing the morbidity and mortality from colorectal cancer (CRC) in NC, through coordinated leadership, strategic planning, and advocacy.

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About the Roundtable

Our Beginnings

On Feb. 12, 2015, the North Carolina Colorectal Cancer Forum was held to bring together partners, organizations and individuals interested in addressing colorectal cancer in North Carolina. As a result of that forum, the NC Colorectal Cancer Roundtable was established.

The founding members were the NC Cancer Prevention and Control Branch (NC CPCB), American Cancer Society (ACS) and Mecklenburg County Health Department. They took the lead to recruit members to serve on the NC CRCRT Steering Committee and create the structure of the NC CRCRT. The Steering Committee meets twice per year to review strategies, implement initiatives and evaluate progress. NC CPCB and ACS continue to provide organizational support.

Our Work

The NC CRCRT and its task groups are actively working on policy, education and outreach, structured barriers to access to care and working with insurance companies and providers to increase screenings. There has been success in convening leaders from medical, community, academic, and public health agencies representing geographic locations across the state to serve as NC CRCRT Steering Committee members and partners. Due to the expertise of members and partners the NC CRCRT has been successful in changing public policy to increase and/ or expand insurance coverage for preventive screening services and increase access to care and treatment.

The NC CRCRT signed the National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable pledge of screening 80% of eligible North Carolinians for colorectal cancer by 2018. Additionally, the NC CRCRT took the lead to bring awareness of the national effort and encourage organizations to sign the pledge. The campaign continues as 80% in Every Community. As of June 2020, there are 84 organizations in North Carolina that have signed the pledge.


Eliminate colorectal cancer deaths in North Carolina.


Reduce the burden of colorectal cancer in North Carolina through prevention and early detection.

Objectives and Strategies

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By Dec. 31, 2020, 80% of eligible adults in North Carolina will have completed a colorectal cancer screening using an appropriate screening method in alignment with the National Colorectal Cancer Roundtable goal of 80% in Every Community.


  • Enhance the organizational structure of the NC Colorectal Cancer Roundtable to better support statewide efforts.
  • Motivate all age-appropriate and/or at-risk individuals to seek colorectal cancer screenings.
  • Reduce barriers that prevent people from seeking appropriate colorectal cancer screenings.
  • Focus efforts where there are high concentrations of people who are not receiving appropriate screenings.

By Dec. 31, 2020, North Carolina will support outreach and efforts to increase colorectal cancer screening rates, especially in counties with the greatest incidence of colorectal cancer.


  • Leverage existing and recruit new partner organizations that have strong ties to the targeted communities (those with high numbers of people not receiving screenings) to reduce disparities in colorectal cancer screening.
  • Examine available data to identify populations with largest disparities and measure trends over time.
  • Support efforts to target clinical system change efforts at reducing disparities in colorectal cancer screening.
  • Reduce barriers that prevent people from seeking appropriate colorectal cancer screenings such as transportation, financial, language, institutional racism.

Roundtable Committees

The Roundtable Steering Committee, Executive Committee, and Task Groups carry out the work of the NC CRCRT.

Any interested individual or organization committed to reducing colorectal cancer in North Carolina may participate in the Roundtable. For more information contact Jennifer Park, Executive Director of the North Carolina Colorectal Cancer Roundtable, at 919-707-5334.

Steering Committee

Currently, the NC CRCRT is comprised of twenty-four Steering Committee members of colorectal cancer experts, advocates, and survivors. The role of the Steering Committee members is to use their expertise, resources, and influence institutions, organizations, and community to help reduce colorectal cancer, and to guide the broader work of the Roundtable.

Meetings and Documents

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The next meeting date is not yet available. Please check back for updates.

For more information about meetings, contact Jennifer Park at or 919-707-5334.

Please check back for upcoming agendas.

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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is empowered to make decisions necessary for the ongoing work of the Colorectal Cancer Roundtable and Steering Committee, and to facilitate communication and ongoing work of the task groups between Steering Committee meetings.

Task Groups

The task groups are charged with developing and implementing action steps to facilitate statewide work directed by the Steering Committee. The task groups are comprised of partners, survivors, experts and advocates. The Task groups shall report to and get feedback from the Steering and Executive Committees on a regular basis.


Colorectal Screening Guidelines


More Resources

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More Information

Questions about Colorectal Cancer? 

Call the American Cancer Society’s Helpline at 1-800-227-2345. The helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.